Where am I?

This is a site and blog about whatever I feel sufficiently compelled to write down. Mostly it'll be tech-related things, I'm sure. I set this up so I could play around with Ghost and because I had no other plans for my Raspberry Pi at the time. It's since moved to a VPS instance.

Who are you?

A guy with a Ghost installation. Beyond that, I write mobile apps at my day job, and other stuff when I'm in the mood. I also hang around on Stack Exchange. You can check out my LinkedIn profile to see what I've been working on lately.

What the heck does 'eldarerathis' mean?

Nothing. Really. It's just a character name I made up back when I was playing MUDs regularly, and the pseudonym kind of stuck. It was originally two names ("Eldar Erathis"), but they got squished together over time.