Rather than using an existing custom ROM on my Nexus 5, I've opted to instead roll my own. The goal is generally to keep reasonably close to mainline AOSP, but add some features that I personally find nice or fix perceived issues. I'm providing builds here in the event that others happen to have similar tastes as myself and want to give them a try. Source can be found on my GitHub page.

Although I use these myself and test them inasmuch as I ensure that they work on my own device, these builds come with absolutely no warranty, implied or otherwise. If you find them useful then you're welcome to use them, but I do not intend to provide active "support".

The builds can be installed with a custom recovery like ClockworkMod or TWRP. They follow Android's standard build identifier conventions:

  • The first letter indicates the Android version (e.g. "M" for Marshmallow)
  • The second letter indicates the source branch. My builds always use "E" (for eldarerathis)
  • The third letter indicates which quarter of the year it was built, with A being Q1 2009 and the letters continuing on from there in alphabetical order
  • The number at the end indicates the day within the quarter, and is followed by an optional letter if multiple builds are performed on the same day. Generally, the "A" in the first build would be omitted.

Most recent builds are listed first, and older ones are later. After a build becomes sufficiently old, the download link may be removed. In such cases, the changelog will still be retained.

Basic instructions for installing a custom ROM can be found here, though many others exist throughout the Internet.

Older builds based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) can be found on this page.

Google Apps

Due to licensing restrictions, redistributing Google's proprietary applications (including the Play Store) within the ROMs themselves is not permitted. Instead, you can download and install these apps separately. This package will not be updated very frequently, since the apps will update themselves via the Play Store after the initial installation.

This installable zip is compatible with any of the Marshmallow builds below, and can be installed via recovery mode.

Google Apps download link (MD5 hash: 37a6f66c54e6287557b8140d2716441f)


  • Download link
  • MD5 Hash: 8da1e3c95a3f4a13158223006a08bc87
  • Android 6.0.1 release. This is also the December Nexus security update. The security bulletin details the included security patches.
  • Tweaked a few UI colors in AudioFX.



  • Download link
  • MD5 Hash: 5b2caf3eb92c16ca97805d9eebec3d33
  • First Marshmallow build, including the same custom feature set that was added to the Lollipop builds except:
    • The new System UI Tuner is enabled by default (AOSP normally hides it)
    • AppOps is not implemented, because Marshmallow has its own permission management scheme built-in
    • Superuser is now embedded in the ROM, and is based on an open source implementation. SuperSU is no longer used.
    • BUG: The NFC Quick Settings tile currently does not display
    • BUG: DSPManager is not included because it is currently not functioning properly (audio will skip when enabled). MusicFX, the AOSP equalizer, is included instead.