These are builds of the Chromium browser for Android. They are provided without modification to the upstream code, but signed with my own distribution key so that it is possible to verify the authenticity of updates.

Since Chromium's only true "stable" release is Chrome, builds should be considered to be in the vein of "nightly" quality, and may be untested but will also contain new features/fixes sooner than Chrome (or even Chrome Beta). In general, they will be built from version tags rather than simply coming from the tip of the repository, with the hope that this will lend to a bit more stability than a straight build off of master.

The below builds are ordered from newest to oldest.

45.0.2442.2 (29 June 2015)

45.0.2426.3 (9 June 2015)

45.0.2408.5 (21 May 2015)