These AOSP builds are based on the Android 5.1 release. They are no longer actively maintained or developed, but are kept mainly for archival purposes.

Google Apps

Due to licensing restrictions, redistributing Google's proprietary applications (including the Play Store) within the ROMs themselves is not permitted. Instead, you can download and install these apps separately. This package will not be updated very frequently, since the apps will update themselves via the Play Store after the initial installation.

This installable zip is compatible with any of the Lollipop builds below, and can be installed via recovery mode.

Google Apps download link (MD5 hash: 995463cf166e69414f9c7bfac494c1a1)


  • Download link
  • MD5 hash: d9bf0759d1354b5000c1d96ccebdeed5
  • This release contains several patches and security fixes intended to mitigate the various Stagefright vulnerabilities. This syncs with the android-5.1.1_r17 AOSP release.


  • Download link
  • MD5 hash: 43a922d138cace74df743adfe8aa066b
  • Changes since last build:
    • Merge in android-5.1.1_r5 release tag (changelog)


  • Download link
  • MD5 hash: 3634c4ce81560fb3f6ccc46c88f35efe
  • Changes since last build:
    • Android 5.1.1
    • Switch to Google's WebView component
    • Signed with release keys. All builds will now be signed.


  • Download link
  • MD5 hash: 3340720c024b90c72945e1bec19e6b58
  • Changes since last build:
    • Browser: fix crash when trying to access settings pages


  • Download link
  • MD5 hash: 54647a9ebb8a5a06c6a3fcfe4bf9eb84
  • Changes since last build:
    • Added system alarm (not your alarm clock) throttling options
    • Update Android System WebView to Chromium 40


  • Download link
  • MD5 hash: 1f39b9e43f30f540be9c9e610d0f452f
  • Changes since last build:
    • Added wakelock throttling options


  • Changes since last build:
    • Add application permission management (AppOps) settings


  • General changes from mainline AOSP:
    • Add SuperSU for root access
    • Heads up notification settings
    • NFC quick settings toggle
    • Add reboot, airplane mode, and ringer settings to the power menu
    • Wireless charging notification settings
    • Option to long-press the back button to force kill the current foreground app
    • Include Busybox in the build
  • Nexus 5 (hammerhead) specific changes:
    • Add charging LED support
    • Increase volume levels on headphones and Bluetooth slightly
    • Enable 180 degree (reverse portrait) rotation
    • Add DSPManager audio equalizer
    • Increase LED notification blink frequency from 9000ms to 2000ms