A few changes are happening around these here parts, and I'm kind of excited. First is that I finally got un-lazy and bought the eldarerathis.com domain. I say "un-lazy" because I probably should have bought it a while back, but just never bothered to. As far as I could tell, I was the only person using this particular arrangement of letters (since it has no meaning), so I wasn't particularly worried about someone snatching it up.

However, I still should have bought it for one very important reason: I use it in the package names for my Android apps.

You see, the way Java works is that every class exists within a "package", which acts as a way for the JVM to figure out where each class is actually defined. Much of the core language is in the java.lang.* namespace, for example.

When writing Java code, you have to define your own package names for your code, which can be more or less whatever you want them to be. I could have chosen eldarerathis.awesomecode.java if I wanted and the JVM wouldn't have complained. The code would compile and run just fine. The potential problem with this is that two people could therefore define their packages using the same names, and it would then be impossible to use both sets of code at the same time. That would be a big problem.

So, certain conventions were adopted, with one of them being that you should start your package names with a reversed version of your domain. Android code written by Google lives in com.android.* packages, Apache has developed a bunch of libraries that use the org.apache.commons.* package name, and so on. Therefore, by using com.eldarerathis.* for my packages, I was implicitly claiming to own the eldarerathis.com domain. As a matter of good practice, I shouldn't have done that.

And so this is rectified. I now own the eldarerathis.com domain, much to the chagrin of...well, nobody I'm sure. As far as I know, I'm still the only hit on Google for 'eldarerathis', so I wasn't surprised when it was still available.

Since I've got the domain, I'm using it for this site now, rather than my DynDNS subdomain. Hooray!

I'm also reclaiming my Raspberry Pi for some new fiddling about, which meant that I needed to move my Ghost installation. For now, I'm using Amazon's AWS free tier. It's not a bad deal, really. You get a year on their Linux micro instance usage for no cost (up to 750 hours per month), and the whole EC2 infrastructure is quite nice. It'll make a fine home for at least the next year.

Onward and upward!